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12 Inspirational Philosophies for Life

Now at the ripe age of 32 (my birthday just passed), I sometimes reflect back on my formative years as a young man in my 20′s. It’s been quite a journey and for the first time in my life, I spent my birthday on foreign soil, in Montevideo, Uruguay on my quest to see the […]


My First Nomadic Month

It’s been an interesting first 30 days as a nomad in Santiago, Chile. I can’t merely say that I’ve had fun, as it’s been a roller-coaster of emotions and internal conflicts, juxtaposed by moments of pure joy and sheer panic. I definitely had to deal with some overbearing fear during my travels. Fear is such […]


Real Deal Hawaiian Food at Papa Ole’s Kitchen

Nestled away in a local strip mall off highway 83, you’ll find the unassuming storefront for Papa Ole’s Kitchen. This mecca for down-home Hawaiian food is a necessary visit for anyone visiting Oahu. March through the doors in your shorts and flip-flops and you’ll likely find a few tanned, happy and plump ladies ready to […]


16 Practical Travel Tips for Santiago, Chile

I don’t want to just regurgitate the same “top 10″ tourist things to do in Santiago (at least not here); so this post is dedicated to the on-the-ground intelligence I’m always interesting in learning about prior to travel. I stayed in Santiago for a month on my first visit and learned  lot of these lessons […]


Is Valparaiso Worth a Visit?

Should you go to Valparaiso? Well, that depends on your travel goals. Valparaiso, or Valpo for the initiated, will be a bit tough to take in for suburbanites. With its best times behind it, Valaparaiso is rife with graffiti and street art, with the latter sometimes being hard to tell from the former. I tend to […]


Santiago, Chile’s Ubiquitous Empanada

If you’re not eating street food during your travels, you’re missing out. Restaurants and fine dining have their places but for everyday meals, I love eating street side and in the open air. It’s authentic and it’s real. More often than not, the cheaper the food, the better it tastes! Generally speaking, food stall vendors […]


Photo Essay: East Side Gallery, Berlin

The east side of a mile long remaining portion of the Berlin Wall has been turned into an art mural with various paintings, inversely dedicated to what the wall represented. There is an on-going restoration project for the art work since being painted in the early 90′s. The gallery is seemingly always subject to vandalism […]

Private Cloud Storage with Spider Oak

Private Cloud Backup with Spider Oak

Cloud storage is becoming the hot, new standard for computing technology and, as a local independent entrepreneur, I’d be remiss if I didn’t jump into this space with both feet. It’s important to stop and think where, exactly, your content was going, if anyone could actually see it and how it could be an issue. […]


Tithing & Giving Back

What kind of person works hard just to give money away? That’s stupid. This was exactly my state of mind years ago, before I ventured out of the United States, and a lot has changed. Having grown up only in the 90′s, I can safely say that today’s US is not the same country that […]

My first trip as a nomad to South America!

3 months in Santiago, Buenos Aires, Montevideo

It’s 2014 and I’m officially giving society and the establishment a big middle finger. After almost a year of preparation and after hawking all my crap on eBay (160+ feedback, baby!), it’s finally time for this man to hit the road! After many (many) itinerary revisions, sanity finally prevailed and the inaugural leg of my […]

"You can live to be a hundred if you give up all the things that make you want to"

- Woody Allen

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